Sunday, August 14, 2011

Music is a Universal Language...

The Generations of Hope (GoHaiti) Orphanage is working on clearing an area in front of the orphanage so the kids can have a soccer field. After all of our work yesterday, we told the kids we had a BIG surprise for them. Kim and I pealed mangos in the kitchen to bring out to all the children. I was thinking… “Are these kids really going to get excited about mangos??” But low and behold, when we brought out the mangos, you would’ve thought the kids just walked in to FAO Schwarz!! It was amazing. They are so grateful for sliced mangos, a hug, a high five, even a smile. They just want to be loved.

Today we went to church. Dr. Franco gave the sermon… granted it was in Haitian Creole, but I tried to follow with the help of a translator. Some of the songs were in English but most were in Haitian Creole. However, music really is a universal language.

One of the young orphan girls here, Linda, was cleaning dishes outside today by the sugarcane field. She borrowed someone’s ipod and was jamming out to Justin Bieber! There I was standing next to a sugarcane field, with goats running around me, clothes were being hung on the clothesline between two trees – and there was little Linda cleaning dishes singing at the top of her lungs to a Justin Bieber song. Who would've thought?

I also met a young boy today. His kneecap was so swollen. I asked Dr. Franco what happened to him. He said it was an injury from the earthquake in 2010. His mother cannot afford to pay for his surgery. He’s coming to the compound on Tuesday with a few other kids. If all goes well, technology wise, I’ll be telling their stories on the FOX CT Morning News this week. I'll let you know how you can help if you want to pay or contribute to the cost of surgery.

Again if you want to donate to Go-Haiti, click here.