Monday, August 15, 2011


This little boy, Jameson, follows me around all the time. He's so adorable.

His younger brother is so skinny he looks ill. His mother wanted to get rid of him, so the orphanage said they would take him. He didn't want to go, so the mother gave up the boys' big sister, Linda, hoping the youngest would stay at the orphanage because she was there. Well he doesn't. He always leaves in the middle of the night and jumps the fence. He wants his mother's love.

Jameson's younger brother

Jameson is the only one that stays with his mom, who doesn't take care of him. But the orphanage has to have legal rights to keep them unless they were abandoned (like baby Marvin). Jameson is skinny too. I always sneak him granola bars, but he comes here during the day to play with the kids and eat.

Last night, all the kids were getting ready for bed after playing in the rain. Jameson was still here and was told he needed to leave. It was storming, lighting and thundering outside - so I asked Dr. Franco (who speaks English) why he had to leave now. Dr. Franco said he could stay until the rain stopped. So he did. He sat with me. I gave him a granola bar. He has a cut on his face. It was open because it got wet from the rain, so I gave him some neosporin and a band-aid. He said thank you and just kept hugging me. When it was time for him to go, I walked him outside behind the compound alone. He ran off into the sugarcane fields. I believe he lives in the tent city. My eyes began to tear-up as I watched him wave goodbye and leave. It was so sad. I just watched a child run off into the woods, alone at night.